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The Chase to Space

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The Chase to Space camp gives 10 middle school and high school students the opportunity to build, launch and retrieve a weather balloon that will fly 50,000 - 100,000 feet in altitude. During this process students will learn about atmospheric conditions, programming electronics related to GPS and automated video capture, ham radio operation, using mathematics to calculate lift and payload weight, real time flight tracking, flight path projections, and more. Students will also have the opportunity to directly engage with two engineers that have worked on High Altitude Balloon projects for the University of Maine. This exciting camp will be an experience these students will never forget!

Watch the video below to see what 'launch day' will look like:

Your Instructors

Steve Jordan is a retired communications director for the police department in Bangor, Maine.

• Technology Developer University of Maine - High Altitude Balloon Research studies
• Technology Developer University of Maine - Telemetry and data recovery
• President Pine State Radio Club
• 2017 Solar Eclipse project High Altitude Balloon studies
• Over 90 successful Edge of Space launches and recoveries of High Altitude balloon projects
• Team management for launch and recovery teams for all HAB (High Altitude Balloon) projects
• Launch and recovery of HAB 2017 Solar Eclipse balloon project from Clemson, SC
• Advanced class ham license 25 years
• Registered nurse 11 years

Steve Brant is an electronics engineer, IT director and instructor in the broadcasting / communications space, from Bangor, Maine.

• Broadcast engineering radio and television, 40+ years
• IT systems design and development
• Amateur Radio Extra Class FCC license, 40+ years
• Vice Chairman Maine Association of Broadcasters
• Board of Directors Pine State Amateur Radio Club
• Technology Developer University of Maine High Altitude Balloon Research studies
• 2017 Solar Eclipse project High Altitude Balloon studies
• Over 45 successful launches and recoveries of High Altitude balloon projects.

Parent Information


The Chase to Space camp is open to all middle school and high school students. Due to the types of activities this camp is limited to 10 students only.


Monday, June 25 - Friday, June 29
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM every day
Launch day will likely be longer than 3 hours.


Class will be held at Legacy Christian School (LCS) in Noblesville, Indiana. For launch day, parents will drop off their student(s) at LCS and transportaion will be provided to the launch site. Transportation will also be provided during the tracking process. Parents and siblings are welcome to attend the balloon launch. Launch site location is TBD.


Parents will be required to sign a waiver that allows their student(s) to participate in The Chase to Space. Students will need to ride together, with their launch and retrieval team. Note that our drivers have passed background checks and transportation vehicles will undergo a professional inspection.


$300 per student - includes all materials.


Contact Travis Brant by emailing or call (317) 597-0146.

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