Technology Tips For Small Businesses

Technology is an intricate part of every business. Sometimes small business owners feel overwhelmed by the options and competing theories surrounding technical implementation.

The good news is by learning a few things about technology, you can simplify your day-to-day business operations. Here are four tech tips to help your business succeed.

Don’t Be Cheap with Technology
In the modern business world, communication relies on technology and customer service relies on communication. If you ignore it, your customers get frustrated, employees can’t keep up with demand, and your business suffers. The thought of investing in new technology might sound expensive. In reality, the inefficiency of keeping around outdated systems actually proves to be more expensive in the long run.

We don’t suggest spending thousnds of dollars, but you would be surprised what you can accomplish with a few key apps. There are a variety of cost-effective, simple- to-use technologies available. Investing in the right ones is imperative if you want to reduce downtime, increase customer satisfaction, and continue to increase your profits.

In modern times, people expect you to respond to them instantly. If you’re not mobile, the chances are good that you are missing out on opportunities. If you can’t manage staff or monitor business performance remotely, it’s time to invest in new small business technology. Make sure your website has a mobile optimized version. Even if all of your business transactions happen offline, most customers will search for you on their smartphones and tablets.

Use the Cloud
One of the most expensive small business technology costs is server storage. However, more and more Indianapolis businesses are moving to cloud-based tools to take advantage of free or inexpensive storage. Older in-house point of sale systems often require separate database servers. This means data is stored internally, on a separate / dedicated computer. Modern POS systems store your data in the cloud, which means management and key decision makers have access to accurate sales data, whenever / wherever they need it.


Analytics can tell you everything about how your business is operating. It also sheds light on questions you probably never thought to ask. It's important to understand what customers think of your web presence and what demographic typically makes purchases. The who, what, where, and why aspects of your Indianapolis small business helps you develop a strategy that will target ideal customers.

Fourteen Six Street is an Indianapolis technology consulting firm, built on 22 years of trust and experience in the technical consulting space. More about Fourteen Six Street...

All too often the IT industry sells solutions that are good for the industry, not your business. We've been there; trying to save money while needing to implement technical solutions that grow and support your company. It's a delicate balance that we understand extremely well. This understanding comes from 1. being a small business ourselves and 2. working with hundreds of businesses just like yours. Our customers may be different but our need for common sense solutions is the same. That's why Fourteen Six Street exists to stand out.

Working with us is easy. We charge one hourly rate for everything we do. This includes fixing servers, desktop support, building websites, mobile apps, technical planning and more. Our billing is quarter hourly and there's never a charge for travel time. That means you'll never get an inflated bill for a five minute phone call.

When you work with Fourteen Six Street, you're also supporting programs that are important to the Indianapolis community. We have a heart for not-for-profits and donate a percentage of revenue to those that make a positive impact around us. That makes doing business together a win-win for everyone!

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