Hidden Secrets for Windows 10

Hidden Secrets for Windows 10

Windows 10 is fairly easy to use; however, it contains a few hidden gems that you may not know about. Use the following tips to quickly access programs and customize your Windows 10 experience:

1. Game Bar

By pressing the Windows button and G at the same time, the game bar will appear that will allow you to take screen shots or record video of your game or any app. It also allows for game streaming and playing your X-box games, along with a few other extras.

2. Dynamic Lock

You can now pair your phone with your PC over Bluetooth, and then your computer will automatically lock when you and your phone walk away from it. To set up this feature, first pair the two devices by going to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers, then activate Dynamic Lock in Settings > Account > Sign-in Options.

3. Start Menu Folders

Just click and drag your menu apps on top of each other to quickly and easily create start menu folders to become more organized.

4. Night Light

The Night Light feature adjusts your computer screen’s color temperature to something that is easier on the eyes when you are working after dark. To active, go to Settings > System > Display and adjust Night Light’s features to fine-tune it to your specifications.

5. Move and Resize Tiles in Start Menu

You can now resize and move around the tiles in your start menu to customize your screen. To resize a tile, right-click on the tile and select “Resize” from the dropdown menu. To move a tile, left-click and hold on the tile and then drag it to the desired location.

6. Snap Assist for Split-Screen Viewing

Click and drag the first window to either edge of your screen and release your mouse button. Your window will automatically snap into one half of your screen. Snap Assist will display thumbnails of the other windows that are already open.

7. Erase Your Last Move

Use Crtl + Z to undo mistakes, such as placing files in wrong folders or accidentally making copies of files when you try to select and move them.

8. Right-Click on Sent To

Pressing the Shift key as you right-click on a file or folder will give you a lot more folder locations on the Send To option.

9. Launch Taskbar Programs with Keyboard

Every program shown in your taskbar is assigned a number. “1” is the first program, “2” is the second, etc. To launch the desired program, press the Windows key plus the number of the program you want. For example, press Windows + 1.

10. Peek at Desktop

Right-click on the thin button at the far right end of the task bar and choose "Peek at Desktop." When you roll your pointer over it, it will show you a quick preview of the desktop and then return to normal when you move the pointer away.

For additional tips and further explanations see the short clip below:

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